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Residential Cleaning.

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We offer a first class home cleaning service.

Regular Weekly or Fortnightly home cleaning is only $35/hr, with a 2 hour minimum booking.

At Nowra Cleaning and Mowing we understand that your home is your greatest asset and not only do we work to ensure your home sparkles, but we also ensure that your valuable asset is protected by using safe cleaning methods.

We use a range of non-toxic, neutral cleaning products that are both safe for you and your family, but, also won’t damage delicate parts of your home such as timber floors, stainless steel surfaces and marble benches.

Your satisfaction is our goal. As such, at the start of your first clean, or onsite estimate, we request a free 10 minute tour of your home so that you can let us know how you like things done. For example, you can request that we use certain cleaning products, or give us a list of priority jobs, or a list of bigger jobs to tackle in case we finish your regular clean early (e.g.; clean the oven, clean out the fridge or pantry). If you need it done, just ask, your satisfaction is our goal.

To ensure that your home is cleaned immaculately and consistently, the business owner, Jenna, will be present for all regular domestic cleaning. She may receive assistance from a team member, but she is always there to ensure a high quality clean.

Regular Weekly or Fortnightly home cleaning is charged at a rate of just $35/hr, with a two hour minimum booking.

If you are looking for a regular cleaner in Nowra, we are the Nowra Cleaners you need.

We can also offer other jobs, including; Window Cleaning and Gardening (e.g. hedging and pruning).

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NDIS and INSURANCE Cleaning.

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We provide cleaning to self managed NDIS participants.

We have many Insurance and Rehabilitation Providers as cleaning clients.

If you are a Rehabititation, or , Back to work coordinator looking for quotes for cleaning of your clients homes, we can help you.

Cleaning is charged at a rate starting from $35/hr for Regular Clients, with a two hour minimum booking.

Fast Onsite Estimates.

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End of Lease Cleaning.

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We use non-toxic, green cleaning products and have some special methods and products to ensure even the dirtiest parts of the rental house are returned to their original state.

We pay special attention to all the items on your Agents list, especially; • Ovens • Shower Screens • Bathroom Grout • Windows and Window Tracks • Light Fittings.

The business owner always attends to ensure the job is completed to the highest standard.

We can also complete all your required yard work, including; Gutters, Windows, Lawn Mowing, Gardening, Hedging, and Green Waste Removal.

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Onsite estimates are required for End of Lease Cleans.

Window Cleaning.

owner being a window cleaner

Window Cleaning is one of those jobs that really makes an impact on the appearance of your home.

We pride ourselves in our skill as professional window cleaners and will leave your windows sparkling.

We offer Window Cleaning for single storey homes only.

Window Cleaning is charged at a rate starting from $35/hr for Regular Clients, with a two hour minimum booking.

Window cleaning can be booked as a separate service, or combined with other services such as cleaning or lawn mowing.

Onsite estimates are required for window cleaning.

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Lawn Mowing

owner mowing a lawn

Lawn mowing services suspended until late 2020.

Our outdoor team will always work hard to ensure that your lawn is looking its best.

We have over 10 years’ experience in lawn care and only use the best in Honda equipment meaning your lawn is done faster and to a higher standard.

We can combine lawn mowing with other gardening tasks, including; Hedging, Pruning and Weeding. By using a business like Nowra Cleaning and Mowing that can handle all your cleaning and yard needs, we can save you time and money.

The price for lawn mowing starts at $50. This includes whipper snipping, lawn mowing, edging and green waste removal.

Additional charges may apply for larger lawns, or longer grass.

We offer regular mowing, one off mowing and mowing for end of lease cleans.

jenna using whipper snipper

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cleaning up leaves with a blower

Nowra Cleaning and Mowing is your full service cleaning and yard care business.

It is our goal to make your life easier by handling all your home and yard care needs.

We offer professional gardening services to Nowra and the surrounding areas.

Our experienced outdoor team offers a variety of gardening tasks, including; • Gutter Cleaning • Hedging • Pruning • Weeding • Green Waste Removal • Other jobs by request

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